Men Get It Too….

At Alpine Laser Clinic, we love men, and we love helping them get rid of that unwanted hair for good! Typically, men think short-term in the area of aesthetics, ad we get that. They try the cheapest, quickest solution in the privacy of their homes. Shaving, home waxing kits…you name it. No matter how advanced human civilization gets, men typically still like to solve a problem with a sharp object – in this case, a razor.

Guys – by using a razor, you are just putting a band-aid on the problem, and if you’ve ever waxed, you know how painful that is. Plus, your entire back is covered in redness for a few days afterwards. 

At Alpine Laser Clinic, half of our laser hair removal patients are men. The average guy is getting laser hair removal for many reasons, including:

Excessive Body Hair/Aesthetics


Easier Facial Grooming and Ingrown Hairs

Balding or Bad Hair Plugs


When you’re looking for clinic, we realize that confidentiality is probably your first concern. Reputation and the type of lasers should be at the top of your list too.

Some providers use something called IPL, Intense Pulse Light, which gives out a scattered beam of light that doesn’t bypass the epidermis, making it potent on the skin but not giving permanent results for hair removal. Do your research. You want a place that has solid reviews; and be wary of Groupon deals. Basing medical treatments based on price (i.e. choosing the lowest priced procedure) often results in patients being treated by inexperienced providers or with inferior lasers

One of the biggest questions we get from men is, “how can laser hair removal help athletes?” We laser bodybuilders who don’t want any hair on their bodies, because hairless skin enhances muscle definition. We also laser many cyclists who do their legs and lower bodies. Body hair can cause added chafing and irritation when combined with tight cycling kits, sweat, and long ride times in the saddle. It also makes putting on compression tights, foam rolling, and massages easier and pain-free. Since the hairs won’t get caught or tugged. We also see swimmers, and other athletes. Also, laser hair removal saves athletes a lot of grooming time. There’s no need to shave and prep their bodies before a race or competition, and it eradicates any risk of cuts and nicks from getting infected in a locker room or pool.

Laser hair removal hurts less than waxing, and you won’t get any of the ripping or damage that waxing can cause your skin. It’s safe, and the laser stimulates collagen, making laser hair removal a great skin treatment.

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