Get Rid of Unwanted Hair…for good.


There isn’t a man or woman out there who enjoys getting rid of unwanted hair. Shaving, plucking, waxing, and applying depilatory creams is annoying and time-consuming, and the hair comes right back.  If you love the silky smooth, fresh feeling of hair-free skin, laser hair removal is the thing for you. Investing in laser hair removal will save you time and money in the long run, and the results you get from true lasers are worth it!  Laser hair removal treatments are a wonderful gift you can give to yourself or others. Giving someone an end to the endless, tedious ritual of eliminating unwanted hair is a true gift – and one that will be appreciated long after it is given. For those of us who live in the Colorado mountains, the last thing we want to spend time on is hair removal. We want to be on the river for days, go hot-tubbing immediately after a day on the slopes, or go on that hunting trip without razors and other hair-removal itemThe hair should be shaved a day before your appointment. Otherwise, the entire hair will absorb the energy and heat up, which can burn the skin, as that singed hair hits the skin. It also means less energy will reach the base of the follicle, so the results will be less than optimal. Most notice a difference after just one treatment, and since you’re able to shave between treatments, it makes the process more tolerable.  Some people think lasers vaporize the hair, but that’s not the case. True lasers -- such as the Diode, Alexandrite, and YAG -- targets and destroys the hair follicle; and stops it from growing in the future. Many dermatology and plastic surgery clinics offer laser hair removal as a sideline to their main business. Laser hair removal is the main service we do at Alpine Laser Clinic, and it is our passion. We have the gold standard lasers, and we are generous and thorough in our technique. You will love the results! At Alpine Laser Clinic, there’s no tipping, no commissions, and no BS. To schedule your free consultation and patch test, book 30 minutes online at