We are different, and here’s why.


We are not the typical med spa or aesthetics clinic – for more than one reason. We have been around for 19 years and we have heard our patients describe us in a variety of positive ways, and we’d like to share some of those.

It’s cool that I can come in after working construction all day, get my laser hair removal treatment on my back in less than 30 min, and go home. Quick, easy, and I don’t see anyone. – T, male, 32-years-old

This clinic is the only place in the valley that is truly confidential – since only the owner checks messages and returns calls, there is no receptionist to spill the beans. Also, since you park in a shared parking lot, and enter through Alpine Bank – it’s the perfect location for confidentiality. – S, female, 41-years-old

They always have the latest and greatest machines – machines and lasers that work are pricy, and ALC invests in that. –M, male, 73 years old

Dr. Werner is incredibly personable. I will never go to anyone else. He is a true artist and makes me look much more beautiful – naturally. He is honest, caring and skillful. He listens and is very considerate of cost. –L, female, 48-years-old

I never feel pressured to do any treatment or purchase any products at Alpine Laser. If I ask about a service or product, they enthusiastically provide me with information and samples – but it is always on my terms and timeline. I completely relax when I walk in the door. –D, female, 25-years-old

I love their extended hours – the early morning and evening appointments really help my daughter and me. She’s busy with school, and practice and I work – it’s nice to not have to miss those things for an appointment. –J, female, 53-years-old

No fancy offices or waiting room helps them keep prices lower than the front range, and the they are thorough. They always go above, beyond, and give a little extra. The customer service is amazing. I can’t say enough good things about my experiences at ALC. They are for sure the “working person’s” clinic –- the place locals go. – Z, male, 56-years-old

No tipping and no packages – plus I never feel any pressure to buy products or more services. They are incredible ethical and honest for an aesthetic clinic. –H, female, 29-years-old

My bikini treatments were life-changing for me. I got a student rate, and my volleyball game improved tremendously because I wasn’t fighting pain from razor burn. –L, female, 16-years-old

Those are just a few of the comments that prove we love what we do—and that passion never fades. Making beautiful people feel beautiful. We love you!

J Owen